Frequently Asked Questions

MOVE Team Challenge

  • What is a virtual run?

    A virtual run can be completed anytime and anywhere, even indoors on a treadmill. Run at your own pace at your own time. Simply complete the run to earn your finisher entitlements!

  • How does a virtual run work?

    Simply register for the virtual run on the MOVE app or official website. Use the MOVE app to track your run. Complete the required distance anytime, anywhere and receive your finisher entitlements upon successful completion of the run by the stipulated date.

  • How do I track my distance and time of my run?

    Use the MOVE in-app running tracker to track the distance and time for your runs.

  • What is the registration and clock-in period for the run?

    Registration period: 20th May – 23th June 2022

    Clock-in period: 20th May – 24th June 2022

  • Do I have to complete the distance all at once?

    You can split the distance into different run sessions as long as you complete the run within the clock-in period.

  • Who is eligible to participate?

    Any MOVE app user above 18 years old. No location restriction for the virtual challenge. Live Challenge participants have to be in Singapore during the event day.

  • How do I know if my registration is accepted?

    You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration to your registered email address.

  • Why have I not received my confirmation email?

    This could be due to a variety of reasons as follows

    1. Your registration was not successful and therefore the confirmation slip was not rendered.
    2. There could be an error in your email at the point of registration so the confirmation slip was unable to be sent to the correct email address.
    3. The email has been blocked by your mail server and/or is treated as spam.

    If you need any assistance please email us at Please include your details such as Event Name, Your Name and Contact Number.

  • What should I do if I do not see the event listed on my MOVE app after registration?

    Kindly check if you have received the confirmation email and whether payment has been deducted from your bank/credit card. Do ensure that the email used for the MOVE app is the same email used to register for the event and the app is updated to the latest version.

    Should you still not see the registered events listed on your app, feel free to reach out to us at


  • Who is LIV3LY?

    The MOVE app is developed by LIV3LY, a social fitness platform for mass events participation in Asia Pacific. LIV3LY’s mission is to inspire our users to put movement back on their to-do list and make fitness an essential part of their everyday life. The platform is designed with the motivation you need, the achievements you desire and the rewards you deserve.

  • How do I download the MOVE app?

    Download and create your account on the MOVE app – available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

  • Will the MOVE app detect when I am not running?

    The MOVE app is able to detect if you are stationary or onboard a moving vehicle such as a car or a bicycle. In such cases, if the MOVE tracker is on, it will not include that particular distance travelled in the total recorded distance.