Join the MOVE Team Challenge to see if you and your friends have what it takes to push through your limits and rise above the rest! In teams of 2 to 5, accumulate as much distance as you can using the MOVE app across the clock-in period.

Push yourself anytime, anywhere with the free to join virtual challenge so no excuses here!

Virtual Challenge

As a team, accumulate as much distance as you can over the clock-in period and rise above the rest!

Use the MOVE app to record your workouts – only workouts recorded on the MOVE app will be accepted for this challenge. You can track your team’s ranking via the live leaderboard tab on the MOVE app.

Entry to the virtual challenge is free and is suitable for both casual runners looking to improve their fitness and seasoned runners looking to train up!


20th May - 23th June 2022


20th May - 24th June 2022




Unlimited distance




All Male | All Female | Mixed*
*Team ratio is strictly 2:3

Download MOVE​

Register for and clock-in your distance for the MOVE Team Challenge using the MOVE app! Participants in the live run must carry their smartphones for distance tracking with the MOVE app during the run.